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C. d. empty rich witty vivacious 132. winsome is most opposite to a. b. c. d. dour attractive mysterious clever 138. wanton is most opposite to a. b. c. d. merciful repast brilliant vicious 133. droll is most opposite to a. b. c. d. forget charm sedate absurd 139. banal is most opposite to a. b. c. d. sincere wealthy extraordinary trustworthy 134. enigmatic is most opposite to a. b. c. d. healthy watchful disastrous obvious 140. lugubrious is most opposite to a. quick b. cheerful c. salubrious d.

To cheat means to influence by means of trickery, or to defraud 155. c. miserable means in a state of distress or unhappiness 156. a. vintage means of old and enduring interest, or classic 157. b. tart means pleasantly sharp or acid to the taste 158. b. to corner means to drive into a corner, or to trap 159. a. one meaning of zest is keen enjoyment, or gusto 160. d. to haggle means to negotiate over terms or price, or to bargain 161. a. to impel means to drive forward using strong moral pressure, or to force 162.

D. imaginative means having imagination; dull means lacking imagination 190. b. knowing means having information or knowledge; dense means dull or stupid 191. a. animosity means resentment or hostility, therefore love is the opposite 192. c. exact means in complete accordance with fact, or correct, therefore incorrect is the opposite 193. d. extravagant means lacking in restraint and moderation, therefore moderate is the opposite 194. a. stamina means strength or endurance, therefore weakness is the opposite 195.

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