6 Steps to 7 Figures. A Real Estate Professional's Guide to by Pat Hiban PDF

By Pat Hiban

ISBN-10: 1608322033

ISBN-13: 9781608322039

Your 7-figure actual property source of revenue is 6 uncomplicated steps away.

Pat Hiban isn't really a profession writer who writes theoretically approximately development wealth—he's a operating actual property specialist who has compiled 20 years' worthy of important adventure into this handbook, which mixes motivational luck ideas with sensible tips for flourishing in genuine property. In it, you will learn the way Pat:

- went from being a raging workaholic to taking 153 days off every one year

- raised his standard revenues expense from $92,000 to over $450,000 in 4 uncomplicated steps

- went from $13,000 in each year commissions to over $5 million yearly

- went from 0 foreclosures listings to over 325 in twenty-four months

- acquired his group revved up by way of humiliating himself on YouTube

- landed extra buyers via dressing up as Dracula

- became the worst industry in many years into revenue in new areas

- realized a few of his most sensible strategies via licensed stealing from his competitors

Including a 7-Figure Game...

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We had been growing by as much as 80 percent a year, so it seemed as though whatever goal we set, we would be able to achieve and even surpass it. But then the real estate market changed direction, and it became a struggle to meet our goals; they were no longer realistic. That was very depressing because we had set such high goals and I had offered great prizes for the team, but since we couldn’t make our goals, there wouldn’t be any prizes. In fact, we used to track everything we did—how many properties we sold, how much commission we earned, and several other factors—but we even stopped doing that because it became too depressing to see how much less we were selling.

My goal is to show how you can develop a system that will allow you to net a half-million dollars or more while working only four days a week—and while being involved in other money-making activities that are branches of your primary business. I also want to show you how you can create more free time for yourself; I believe it’s important to do something besides just working, so you can keep your mind active and not get bored with doing the same old thing, day in and day out. ” You want to be rich, but you also want to have balance in your life; you want to have a life outside of work, but you also want to make a lot of money.

I realized I had gotten just as many great ideas and information from the dozens of attendees I had met that day as they had gotten from me. As I lay in bed that night journaling about the day, I realized people really were curious about what I do, and how I do what I do. I think of myself as being modest about my accomplishments, and I used to feel that my last twenty-four years of experience in the real estate business weren’t much to talk about. My epiphany that night after the conference was that I was wrong.

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