A Christmas Journey by Hans Wilhelm PDF

By Hans Wilhelm

ISBN-10: 083785878X

ISBN-13: 9780837858784

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Doc Wade explained that her husband was still alive. He was seriously wounded, he had lost much blood; the shock, too, had been hard on him. He had never seen a human face show such a sudden change of emotion. One moment the woman's face had been bleak, devoid of life; the next, on hearing that her husband still lived, her face became vibrant and filled with life. He got an insight into the deep ties between this husband and wife and, for a moment, he seemed to be looking at something that sparkled and glistened.

Mingled with this pride was Greed. Gilbert wanted moneylots of moneyfor in money he found the power he did not have mentally. He had fastened himself like a leech to Tod Morgan, for to him Morgan Page 29 meant the acquisition of money. He had only the moment his heart beat. He did not have yesterday, nor did he have the next moment; he was a pragmatist. He was loyal to Tod Morgan and he would be loyal as long as Morgan paid him. He did not trust Morgan. Morgan did not trust him. Morgan, in fact, trusted nobody; sometimes, in a wry moment of humour, he claimed he did not even trust himself.

Doc Wade tackled him round the belly and drove him out of saddle. They landed hard on the ground. Doc Wade was on top. Morgan had landed with great force, and he was momentarily stunned. 45. He threw it to one side, heard it land against a boulder. Just then Morgan smashed a knee upward. Doc Wade lost his hold; he went backwardsarms flailing. Hurriedly, on all fours, Tod Morgan scrambled towards his six-shooter. Doc Wade grabbed air into his lungs and lunged forward with a wild tackle. Page 8 He crashed into Morgan, and he heard the man grunt in pain.

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A Christmas Journey by Hans Wilhelm

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