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By Marshall B. Gardner

"Marshall B. Gardner, a hollow-earth proponent, released the 1st variation of this booklet in 1913, after Peary reached the North Pole in 1909. Gardner hence had a miles tougher task than William Reed; that's, overcoming the general public notion that the poles have been reached.

Gardner's booklet is in many ways more advantageous to different books during this style. He makes an attempt to return up with a systematic speculation to provide an explanation for the formation of hole planets, rather than divine fiat or no clarification in any respect. he's additionally much more readable. some of the most stress-free components of this booklet is Gardner's myth account of a trip into the internal of the hole earth, which, whereas less than the factors of Jules Verne, turns out virtually believable for those who can droop your disbelief temporarily.

Naturally, loads of the publication includes narratives of arctic explorers (covering a few of similar fabric as Reed). The publication marshals loads of anomalous polar proof, similar to attested hot areas close to the poles, purple airborne dirt and dust, unusual auroras etc. final yet now not least are these negative flash-frozen Siberian mammoths, who appear to crop up with such regularity within the crank literature,--probably simply because conventional medical reasons in their loss of life consistently sound so fishy while quoted out of context.

There is a protracted part on the finish the place he offers with the reaction to the 1st version of his booklet, together with an opponent who increases a idea of a prehistoric ninety measure polar shift to account for the various comparable facts! in contrast, a hole earth would certainly be extra plausible.

Although Gardner does not assault the medical process or easy actual legislation, as different replacement earth theorists do, possibly he must have. in line with conventional physics, inside a hole earth-sized sphere there could be 0 gravity; and centrifugal strength brought on by the earth's rotation will be inadequate to maintain issues contained in the hole earth from floating away, both. understanding the mathematics of a celeb sufficiently small to slot contained in the earth, now not too scorching to fry the internal floor, and never too dense to show right into a black gap is 'left as an exercise.' The captivating proposal of denizens of the hole earth going approximately their enterprise lit via a never-setting mini-sun is just a fantasy." (Quote from

Table of Contents:

Publisher's Preface; Preface; Introductory; The Nebula And Its Evolution; Mars; Early Polar Exploration; extra Arctic Exploration; Greely's Explorations; Nordenskiold's Voyages; With Nansen within the North; was once The North Pole Discovered?; Congressional critiques On Peary And prepare dinner; The tremendous; The lifetime of The Arctic; different attention-grabbing Animals Of the internal; The Aurora; The Eskimo; facts within the Antarctic; the adventure To The Earth's inside; The Formation Of The Earth; How Our conception Differs From That Of Symmes; The Moon And Our idea; A notice On Gravitation; How Our idea Has Been got; Our Controversy With Dominian; Our state And Our thought; In end; Bibliography

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The first is like melted snow, which is become p. 106 partly hardened, is more easily broken into pieces, less transparent, is seldom more than six inches thick, and, when dissolved, is found to be intermixed with salt. This first sort of ice is the only one which is ever formed from sea water. ICE ONLY FROM FRESH WATER "If a certain quantity of water, which contains as much salt as sea water is exposed to the greatest degree of cold, it never becomes firm and pure ice, but resembles tallow or suet, whilst it preserves the taste of salt, so that the sweet transparent ice can never be formed in the sea.

If these hands show at all, it is irrefragable evidence of the presence of water vapor, and in like manner the pronouncement of their definition gives a measure of the amount of such water vapor. If then, comparative observations are made simultaneously of an p. 88 illuminated object whose water vapor content is well established and of Mars, in which it is yet to establish that factor, the comparison of the bands in the two spectra will give a measure of the results in Mars. "At the very favorable opposition in September (1909), the whole resource of the Lick Observatory staff was devoted to making this comparison.

The question is, then, has anything like that been actually observed? The answer is that every arctic navigator from the beginning has made observations which more and more agree with that view the further north the observers go. To show how unanimous this testimony is let us go back a good distance. BARRINGTON'S IMPORTANT BOOK In 1818 there was published in New York an American edition of a book entitled, "The Possibility of Approaching the North Pole Asserted," by the Hon. D. Barrington: A new edition with an appendix containing Papers on the same Subject and on a North-west Passage, by Colonel Beaufoy, F.

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