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This ebook represents the fruit of a long time of analysis into using acupuncture as a device for liberating conserving styles within the bodymind so one can restoration functional/structural stability and to alleviate power soreness. Dr. appear stocks his scientific event of the way and why this kind of acupuncture works and provides particular protocols to be used within the health facility. This e-book is a important reference textual content for somebody whose perform focuses generally on acupuncture.

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Local treatment is addressed to the symptomatic meridians and areas of the body. In this case, local points in and associated points for that area are selected and dispersed. In other words, treatment begins by tonifying the yin deficiency, and any symptoms that arc not thus alleviated arc then treated by local, symptomatic treatment. Denmei admits that, in Japan, there is a large range of diversity of opinion regarding this approach. Some Japanese practitioners of meridian therapy believe that root treatment can alleviate 70 -80% of a patient's symptoms, while others state that root treatment is not particularly effective for alleviating local symptoms.

Next, one looks for points on the right side of the body corresponding to disturbed areas on the left side and vice versa. This is based on the notion that, when one side of the body is dysfunctional, the corresponding opposite side will harbor an area of stagnant qi which, when needled, relieves the problem. I. 10 on the right side for a case of tennis elbow in the left arm. The third method for selecting effective points is the method of front/back which dictates that, as in the case of right/left above, one can expect to find effective points that are tender and constricted on the front of the body, directly in front of disturbed areas on the back and vice versa.

Yang excess can be due to an external pathogenic excess, such as wind, cold, and other external stressors, that creates a hyperactive, surface, wei protective response or due to the body's compensation for an internal deficiency. In this case, another area of the body increases its activity to take over for the deficient function. " Page 46 This concept is surprisingly close to Hans Selye's concepts of the stress response and his general adaptation syndrome. According to Selye, responsibility for coping with external or internal stressors is shifted to an area best suited to cope with the stress.

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