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By William J. Krause

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A renewed curiosity is commencing to emerge spotting the possibility of marsupials as distinctive versions for biomedical learn. due to their abbreviated interval of intrauterine improvement, marsupials are obtainable types with which to review the early improvement of mammalian organ structures. The North American opossum (Didelphis virginiana) has acquired extra medical scrutiny than the other marsupial to this point. the aim of volumes I and II is twofold. the 1st objective is to attract jointly and in short summarize the morphologal occasions and aiding quantitative info focused on the histogenesis/organogenesis of a few of the organ structures during this specific species. the second one aim is to supply an advent into the literature with reference to the biology of Didelphis virginiana and to collect jointly various experiences that experience involved in this species. quantity I summarizes gametes and fertilization, blastocyst formation and early organogenesis, fetal membranes and placentation, parturition and migration to the pouch, basic postnatal progress and improvement, and histogenesis/organogenesis of the integument, musculoskeletal method, cardiovascular method, blood and blood forming organs, lymphatic organs, anxious method, eye, and ear. quantity II summarizes the histogenesis/organogenesis of the respiration process, digestive procedure, urinary method, male reproductive procedure, woman reproductive process, and classical endocrine system.

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20 Table 27. /mm 2; mean ± SD) (Krause et al. 57 Table 28. /mm 2; mean ± SD) (Krause et al. 13 Table 29. /mm 2; mean ± SD) (Krause et al. 1989b) Organ Duodenum Proximal Distal Small intestine Seg 1 Seg2 Seg3 Seg4 . 51 Table 30. lmm2; mean ± SD) (Krause et al. 35 39 Table 31. CCK-immunoreactive cells in the intestinal tract of the developing opossum (no,lmm 2; mean ± SD) (Krause et al. 41 6. 99 Table 32. mm 2; mean ± SD) (Krause et al. 60 Table 33. mm 2; mean ± SD) (Krause et al. 8 Table 34. mm 2; mean ± SD) (Krause et al.

A loop of Henle is absent. Each mesonephric tubule originates from a renal corpuscle and forms a double loop prior to joining the mesonephric duct that courses along the lateral surface of the mesonephros (Fig. 9a). The large renal corpuscles form one or two-strata along the ventromedial surface of the mesonephros and are between 35 and 45 in number (Fig 9b). Those nearer the caudal pole of the mesonephros appear slightly larger. Each renal corpuscle consists of a glomerulus and a renal (Bowman's) capsule.

1979a) Mitochondria often show some orientation parallel to the long axis of the cell. Cell apices are united by tight junctions and the basolateral plasmalemma of cells from the distal tubule show extensive infoldings. The cells lie on a delicate basal lamina. Cells forming the distal mesonephric tubule decrease in height distally, gradually forming the collecting tubule. There is a gradual reduction in development of the basolateral infoldings as the cells of the distal tubule decrease in height.

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