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By Hamid Montakab

ISBN-10: 313164401X

ISBN-13: 9783131644015

Insomnia and similar sleep problems drawback 10-40% of the grownup
population or even as much as 25% of youngsters, affecting alertness and reminiscence,
causing emotional and actual fatigue, and placing the person at elevated
risk for melancholy, heart problems, high blood pressure and different future health
hazards. Acupuncture for Insomnia: Sleep and goals in chinese language Medicine provides a powerful therapy for persistent and acute sleeplessness utilizing healing ideas from either TCM in addition to classical chinese language drugs.

Special Features:

  • Provides complete historical past at the body structure, explanations, and
    treatment of sleep issues, drawing key parallels among recommendations of Western
    and chinese language drugs
  • Classifies all acupuncture issues that have an effect on sleep to
    help in identifying the main acceptable remedy on your sufferer
  • Offers an in depth research of sleep in chinese language drugs
    to provide you with a whole realizing of the energetics of sleep and wakefulness
  • Analyzes the importance of desires in chinese language medication
    and how desires might be skillfully built-in right into a patient’s therapy

from the original standpoint of a doctor who's additionally informed in TCM and
classical acupuncture, this booklet provides quite a few case examples, and an
up-to-date evaluation of clinical stories on chinese language medication and sleep. it really is an
essential reference for all acupuncture practitioners who offer optimum therapy to sufferers with insomnia, sleep issues, and different sleep pathologies.

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Tai yang is the outermost channel, which is in contact with the world; then comes shao yang, and then the deepest yang, yang ming. Tai yang is more yang than yang ming, and therefore closer to the outside (wei). The yin channels are energetically closer to the inside (nei). This organization in space is clearly demonstrated in the disposition of the 12 primary channels in the body, where the most yang zones will be tai yang, followed by shao yang, then yang ming, then tai yin (the yin closest to the outside), followed by jue yin, and then shao yin, the deepest yin in the body.

Shen men HT-7 also calms the shen. ● Ding (settle). Settling or stabilizing involves kidney yin or lung yin. The kidneys help to grasp, or anchor, the heart qi to settle the shen and calm the mind. Some common settling points include yong quan KI-1, yin bai SP-1, and chi ze LU-5. Besides these direct actions on the shen when the shen disturbance is caused by heat, a qing (clearing) strategy can be used, that is, li dui ST-45. Generally speaking, when emotions affect the shen, the treatment strategy should be chosen according to the emotion: ● Calm the shen: for issues involving anxiety, joy, or nonfulfillment affecting heart qi 41 42 3 Insomnia ● ● Quiet the shen: for patterns involving worry (spleen) or anger (liver) Settle the shen: in cases of grief (lung) or fear (kidney) As mentioned above, each emotion will affect the heart in a different way: ● Anger will cause heart fire: use lao gong PC-8 and shao fu HT-8.

Tian ding LI-17, fu tu LI-18, or lian chuan CV-23, que pen ST-12 (inward passage of qi), with yun men LU-2 (controls the movements of wei qi) and zhong fu LU-1 (helps with the inward movement of qi and blood, and opens the chest). In the third stage, the chest needs to relax to permit the wei qi to descend further to the zang fu. Symptoms In the absence of this relaxation, the person: ● Wakes up at night with a feeling of heat and sweating ● Experiences chest oppression, with the sensation of something sitting on the chest: gui zha (ghost oppression) Treatment Ge shu BL-17 (night sweating, tidal fevers, steaming bone syndrome, menopausal syndrome), zong hui TB-7 (helps move wei qi downward toward the abdomen: when the person wakes up to eat); jian shi PC-5 (for gui xie [ghost evil]), yin bai SP-1 (for gui zha); additionally, shan zhong CV-17 and gao huang shu BL-43.

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