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Separation of scales performs a primary function within the figuring out of the dynamical behaviour of advanced structures in physics and different usual sciences. A well-known instance is the Born-Oppenheimer approximation in molecular dynamics. This booklet makes a speciality of a up to date method of adiabatic perturbation conception, which emphasizes the function of potent equations of movement and the separation of the adiabatic restrict from the semiclassical limit.

A certain advent offers an summary of the topic and makes the later chapters obtainable additionally to readers much less accustomed to the cloth. even though the overall mathematical thought in keeping with pseudodifferential calculus is gifted intimately, there's an emphasis on concrete and proper examples from physics. purposes variety from molecular dynamics to the dynamics of electrons in a crystal and from the quantum mechanics of in part constrained structures to Dirac debris and nonrelativistic QED.

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Let e(v) = v 2 + m2 , v ∈ R3 , and     e(v) + m 0    1  0   , ψ−z (v) = 1  e(v) + m  , ψ+z (v) =    vz vx − ivy  N (v) N (v) vx + ivy −vz where the normalization is given through N (v) = 2e(v)(e(v) + m). Then HD (q, p) ψ±z p − A(q ) = E+ (q, p) ψ±z p − A(q) and Sz (q, p) ψ±z p − A(q) = ± 12 ψ±z p − A(q) . 17) U(t) = 1 0 ψ+z p(t) − A(q(t)) + 0 1 ψ−z p(t) − A(q(t)) , and obtain as effective Hamiltonian, after a lengthy but straightforward computation, H+ (t) = E+ q(t), p(t) 1C2 + ε Ω q(t), p(t) · σ with Ω(q, p) = 1 e(v) B(q) − v × E(q) e(v) + m , v = p − A(q) .

PST2 ], but also in solid state physics, where the details will be given in [PST3 ]. Also in scattering theory asymptotic expansions of the S-matrix can be based on effective Hamiltonians, cf. [NeSo]. Another interesting aspect of adiabatic theory are efficient algorithms for a numerical treatment of adiabatic problems. Naturally the goal of such numerical computations is to capture correctly the small but finite transitions between the adiabatically decoupled subspaces. For a careful numerical analysis and efficient algorithms for the standard time-adiabatic problem including avoided crossings we refer to [JaLu].

Although A and A ε with an ε in front only, and therefore are not retained in the appear in HBO semiclassical limit to leading order, they do contribute to the solution of the Schr¨ odinger equation for times of order ε−1 . If the full Hamiltonian is real in position representation, as it is the case for the Hamiltonians considered in the introduction whenever A = 0, then χ(x) can be chosen real-valued. If, in addition, Λ is contractible, the existence of a smooth version of χ(x) with Im χ(x), ∇x χ(x) = 0 follows.

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