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By B.C. Brookes (editor)

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A good many, as it might be. " Or cut to pieces," Luther said. " Florian looked sharply at Theo. "It's time you had your first lesson in statecraft, my Prince: Give nothing for nothing. If we do this, we shall want something in return. "A piece of paper," Florian went on. "I want our freedom spelled out in laws. I want the equality of every man and woman in Westmark; they shall be equal before the law, and the law shall be equal before them. The only privilege I accept is the privilege--- no, the right--- of making a decent life for ourselves.

Chapter 4 THE PAIN in his ribs encouraged him to believe he was still alive. Opening his eyes, he doubted it. A gaunt, white-streaked face loomed over him. The ghostly shape laid a finger on its lips, turned, and disappeared. Theo could not decide whether his mind was playing tricks or whether he had slipped into some netherworld of phantoms, where, having been shot point-blank, he surely belonged. He sat up cautiously. His wound throbbed under a heavy wrapping of bandages. Pale sunlight washed over the plaster walls.

They've had to fall back, they can't get themselves in any kind of order. One company tried to make a stand. " "Florian," Theo broke in, "I can't wait. " "No way you'll get through," said Luther, "not as things are going now. " Florian added. " He gave Theo a wry grin. "As for what you've had in mind these past days, it's no use making off with one of our horses. " demanded Theo, abashed that Florian had so easily guessed his secret plan. "Not then," said Florian. "But I would now. " "Do? Why, youngster, I don't see that I'm expected to do anything.

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