New PDF release: Aenir (The Seventh Tower, Book 3)

By Garth Nix

ISBN-10: 0439176840

ISBN-13: 9780439176842

The dream global Aenir isn't a secure place.  One fallacious step can result in possibility, entrapment...or death.  Tal and Milla needs to struggle their means via this moving landscape.  they're trying to find the Codex, a mystical item that may come to a decision the destiny in their worlds.  Many creatures stand of their way--from the cloud-flesh typhoon Shepherds to a swarm of venomous Waspwyrms to a scary determine named Hazror.  Tal and Milla can't go away Aenir with out the Codex.  yet discovering it may well endanger them greater than they have ever dreamed...

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Cold Stone Mountain. Blow Pipe. " "Milla will kill me," protested Tal. " It was too late. The Codex had lost contact. The Gorblag's eyes cleared. It stopped pursing its lips and opened its mouth wide. An instant later a huge gob of sticky, foul-smelling slime whizzed past Tal's face. The Klorbag dived down into the leaf-litter and squirmed away before Tal or Adras could retaliate. Tal watched its dorsal fin snaking through the rotting vegetation, to make sure it wasn't going to turn for a parting shot.

But the Codex had told him to come here, he reasoned. Finding the Codex meant finding Gref. He who hesitates heads Redward, she who seizes opportunity soars to Violet. Ebbitt used to repeat that back to front and laugh his head off, but Tal took the saying seriously. He climbed over the fallen door and through the doorway. The room beyond had walls of stone and light, both holding back sand, judging from the piles that had oozed through gaps where the magic barriers intersected with the stone. In the middle of the room, a boy sat cross-legged, staring at Tal.

They could see out, but they couldn't get there. "I wonder what happens next," said Milla. She instinctively knew it was a trap with a purpose. Something would happen soon. Something lethal, she suspected. Something that had to do with the smell of burning, which was growing stronger as the night wore on. She paced around the walkway several more times, thinking. Then she said, "Come on," to Odris and went back downstairs. At the bottom, she stood in front of the door and raised her Sunstone. Concentrating on it, she called it into full light.

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