Max Allan Collins's After the Dark (Dark Angel, Book 3) PDF

By Max Allan Collins

ISBN-10: 0345451848

ISBN-13: 9780345451842

Secrets and techniques and betrayals, because the saga of darkish Angel continues!In a chaotic global the place the strains among solid and evil frequently blur, and violent anarchy and brutal repression develop into normal, secrets and techniques could be lethal. So whilst Max discovers a shattering fact that Logan has saved hid from her for years, the betrayal threatens the very essence in their trust.Yet while Logan is abducted, all questions of fact and loyalty are solid apart. Max’s seek will lead her to a well-known, menacing enemy—and again into the shadow of the Snake Cult, which waits for her with chilling anticipation.But the quest also will lead her into absolutely unforeseen territory. Locked within the struggle of her lifestyles, Max will find a captive of the cult who delivers her with the only factor that has haunted her ever due to the fact she escaped from Manticore. . . .

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Why? Why would you lie to me? " "At first, you were ... " "You were just the second recruit... " Logan winced. "Something like that. And then ... as we grew close ... I just couldn't find a way. You made it clear how deep your love and commitment for your siblings ran ... " He stood staring at her as if she'd punched him. Her tears ran now—hot tears of sorrow-tinged anger as she thought about Seth, and the man she loved who'd got him killed, this man in front of her, the man who was supposed to love her.

Doing her best to ignore the stares, she picked up on Normal, active behind his wire window. He had not changed an iota—his blondish hair was cut in its usual flat top, his black glasses continued to try to flee down his nose, and his ever-present earpiece made him look like the world's least sophisticated cyborg. He landed behind the window and looked up—sensing someone just standing there motionless, which meant a messenger needed a reprimand, of course— and then his mouth creased into something that might have been a smile.

What went on up here? " "From what I heard on the cell," someone else said excitedly, "it was one guy—all over everybody! " The next voice was cooler, more in control, probably the guy in charge. " "Yes, Badar," Stefan said. This voice Alec recognized, too—a pity Stefan and Manny hadn't been around when he came calling; this wouldn't have played out so bad ... On the other hand, he had struck a sort of gold. Badar, he knew, would be Badar Tremaine, leader of the Furies and generally considered the biggest badass for three sectors.

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