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By Neil Powell

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Whereas dated--the quantity is a part of a collection at the occult released via Doubleday in 1976--the details contained inside is actual and well timed. in addition, the paintings comprises many beautiful illustrations/reproductions, making it a visually attractive resource. Contents: 1 The that means of Alchemy 2 the foundations of Alchemy three Mysterious Frenchmen four The Medieval Masters five The Wandering Alchemists 6 What occurred to Alchemy? 7 intercourse and Symbolism eight Alchemy Lives On

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He used a process with common lead," Trismosin recounts, "adding to it a peculiar Sulfur, or Brimstone, he fixed the lead until it became hard, then fluid, and later on soft like Wax. Of this prepared lead he took 20 loth [10 ounces], and 1 mark [about 8 ounces] pure unalloyed silver, cast it in an ingot, when half of it was gold. . " In the course of the next 18 months' travel, Trismosin observed all kinds of alchemical operations "of no great importance," although he claimed that he had seen "the reality of some of the particular processes," and spent a good sum of his own money.

There were certainly some similarities between Western and Eastern alchemy. The Chinese also wanted to discover the secret of immortality, even though they were not on the whole as concerned with transmuting base metals into gold. One of the main differences was that, in place of the four elements defined by Aristotle, the Chinese designated five: water, fire, wood, metal, and earth. In addition, they recognized the principles of yang and yin instead of Jabir's theory of sulfur and mercury. , all the energy of the Universe can be divided into the two forms of yang—which is active, masculine, fiery—and yin—which is passive, feminine, and watery.

Before half the time has passed, Dragons appear with rapidity and in great number. The five dazzling colors change incessantly. Turbulently boils the fluid in the furnace. One after another they appear to form an array as irregular as dogs' teeth. Stalagmites which are like midwinter icicles are spat out horizontally and vertically. Rocky heights of no apparent regularity make their appearance, supporting one another. " In plain words, as the English writer E. J. Holmyard has pointed out, the solution is evaporated until it crystallizes.

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