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G. choose the simplest hypothesis), but an important historical precursor nonetheless, because it indicates that in search for a better explanation we must consider the wider picture (without prejudicing the choice between causal and unificatory explanationtypes here, cf. 6. below, both can provide the fitting into the wider picture). But in Kepler’s case there is a much more elaborate justification for an appeal to simplicity, namely as an understandable geometrical order underlying apparently diverse phenomena.

9 Kepler terms all the problems that result from empirical equivalence pseudoproblems, and advocates changing the syllogistic context so that the competing hypotheses no longer display empirical equivalence and thus the impasse of the pseudo-problem is overcome. So far, this is what most science textbooks advocate also, one must find the means by which to falsify some hypotheses and corroborate others. But of course, there are real experimental situations in physics in which this can’t easily be done.

3 For the differences between these types cf. 6. below. 26 Part I: SIMPLE PARTS, COMPLEX EXPLANATIONS Why should quantum theory be special, as opposed to genetics or meteorology? After all, Cao (2004) does not advocate a simple reduction of the observable phenomena to the primary entities, nor does he seem to warrant the possibility of explanation of all phenomena solely in terms of the entities open to direct observation and experimental experience. What he in fact advocates is the reliance on metaphor, a metaphor that allows for change of the primary actors with the adherence to the overall structure.

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