ALIF 18: Post-Colonial Discourse in South Asia by Ferial Jabouri Ghazoul PDF

By Ferial Jabouri Ghazoul

ISBN-10: 9774244869

ISBN-13: 9789774244865

The difficulty of Alif explores a substantial number of issues and difficulties that exist in modern South Asia, offereing views on poetry and fiction, pop culture and mythmaking, in addition to the long-lasting resonance of Gandhian rhetoric and philosophy. regardless of the undeniably critical difficulties that afflict the folk of South Asia, there's additionally a lot to rejoice after part a century of independence. there's a pervasive feel that the subcontinent has eventually emerged from lingering shadows of the British Raj, assesting a brand new and ascendant identification, via paintings, literature, track, movie, and different kinds of pop culture.

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Karbala' constitutes the single most powerful tragic metaphor in Urdu poetry. The reference is to the place in the Iraqi desert where, on 10 October 680 (10 Muharram 61), the Prophet's grandson al-Husayn b. 'Ali and his family and supporters were besieged and finally massacred by the army of Yazid b. Mu'awiyah, the second Umayyad A/I/18 (1998) 41 Caliph. Karbala' is seen as the archetypal instance of martyrdom for the just cause and as the archetypal defeat of justice by injustice, and is the almost exclusive subject of a genre of Urdu poetry known as the marsiyah (elegy or threnody).

K. R. Srinivasa lyengar. New Delhi: Macmillan, 1979. Roadarmel, Gordon. A Death In Delhi. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1973. Rushdie, Salman and Elizabeth West, eds. Mirrorwork: Fifty Years of Indian Writing 1947-1997. New York: Henry Holt, 1997. Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty. In Other Worlds, Essays In Cultural Politics. New York: Methuen, 1987. 28 A/i/18(1998) The Poetics of Solidarity: Palestine in Modern Urdu Poetry % Shahab Ahmed For Dana al-Sajdi ae arz-e filastin! " ["O earth of Palestine!

O earth of Palestine! "] Habib Jalib (1928-83), Pakistani poet1 That the tragedy of the twentieth century Palestinian experience has informed a large body of literary works in Arabic, and in particular modern Arabic poetry, is well known. 2 Little note has been taken, however, of the existence of poetry on Palestine in languages other than Arabic. It is, for instance, not widely known outside the Indian subcontinent that a significant body of poetry has been produced in Urdu on the theme of Palestine.

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ALIF 18: Post-Colonial Discourse in South Asia by Ferial Jabouri Ghazoul

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