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By Dorie McCullough Lawson

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The summer season of 1995 marks Kate Colter's 15th 12 months within the small city of Hayden, Wyoming. a brand new Englander at center, Kate loves her husband and daughter and is keen on her acquaintances. but, privately, she feels disconnected from the folk round her. Then alongside comes Tom Baxter. Her mother-in-law's new suitor from "back East," Tom instantly attracts Kate in along with his mild appeal and fascinating dialog, like a bit piece of the house she so misses. yet inconsistencies in his tales are piquing Kate's curiosity—and a sequence of unusual and suspicious occasions is major her to a terrifying end that may perpetually shatter her lifestyles and the lives of these she loves.

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I can’t say how many times I heard that line, “If ’tweren’t for the flip of a coin . ” A late night in that house never ended without a song or two, or twenty. Granddad knew the words to more songs than you can imagine. If my nighttime memories are of my grandparents’ house, then daytime, if not at home, was with Ms. Harding. She was another maiden New England lady who seemed to like animals better than people. She lived in a shingled quarter Cape on a small farm that’s now a fancy neighborhood of enormous suburban houses called Spring Acres.

I didn’t dare look to see if Lorraine waved at all. By now Tom had returned from making his phone call and he leaned down, put his head between Lorraine and Clara, and whispered in Clara’s ear. She stood right up and bent forward trying to see way down the street. Then she jumped up and down squealing, “You’re right! ” When she was still fifty yards away the Rodeo Princess’s belt buckle was like a hubcap shooting out blinding light whenever the sun hit it just right. She was flanked on either side by younger girls, the Junior Rodeo Princess and Little Miss Rodeo.

His eldest son married Polly, a good-hearted young woman who had somewhat sophisticated tastes, and the son brought her to the country to homestead. With hardly any talk, a quiet kinship and understanding, perhaps it was love, developed between old Rosicky and Polly. It was calm and it was affectionate and it was uncomplicated. When I first met Tom, I sensed suddenly that I knew better than ever how young Polly must have felt about her father-in-law, Rosicky. Maybe it • 32 • A LO N G CO M E S A ST R A N G E R was the way he looked right at me, like he gave a damn, or maybe somehow I sensed we had something in common, or maybe it was just his hands, warm and brown, like Rosicky’s.

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