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By Barry Clarke

ISBN-10: 0756613809

ISBN-13: 9780756613808

Amphibian /Амфибии
Лягушки, жабы, тритоны, саламандры и многое другое.
Потрясающий выбор цветов, форм, размеров и места обитания.
Они живут как в воде так и на суше , двигаются и плавают .
В книге серии фотографий этих существ .
Frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and the infrequent caecilians are available a gorgeous array of colours, shapes, sizes and habitats.
They reside either in water and on land and flow in an exceptional number of methods from swimming, to hopping or even flying.
With a chain of especially commissioned pictures, Amphibian appears to be like in close-up on the interesting traditional historical past of those creatures from the brilliant green,
red-eyed tree frogs to bland, burrowing, worm-like caecilians from startling black and yellow fireplace salamanders to tiny obvious glass frogs.

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Although many tree frogs look alike, differences in head€shapes, colors, and markings are easily seen by comparing this tree frog with European and White’s tree frogs (pp. 50–51). The ancestors of modern tree frogs were probably attracted to the safety of vegetation, which was mostly free from predators, and to the more plentiful supply of insects that lived around the plants. Early tree frogs were probably better at grasping tall grasses, twigs, leaves, and leaf stems than other frogs. Many amphibians, particularly frogs and toads (pp.

20–21), as well as warn, or confuse, their€enemies. GUESS WHO? Kermit is probably based on the green tree frog. Male tree frogs sing to attract their females just like€Kermit. But he sings his love song to€Miss Piggy! Skin’s green color helps tree frog merge into background Dark markings on frog’s back match tree bark Unusual head shape helps with camouflage BONE HEAD Bony eyebrow protects eye (smaller than in most tree frogs) The skin on the heads of these two unusual tree frogs from Belize in Central America is fused to the bony, boxlike skull; this may help to reduce water loss (pp.

The arboreal, or tree, frogs are also found in bushes, on sedges and grasses, as well as in trees. Frogs have evolved a wide range of body shapes, sizes, and colors, that enable them to survive in widely diverse habitats. 5 in (40 cm) long AUSTRALIAN BURROWER Many frogs and toads burrow (pp. 54–55), but only the aptly named mole frog from Western Australia is a supreme example of adapting to life underground. A “head-first” burrower with a small head and tiny eyes, it uses its powerful, muscular front legs, broad hands, and stubby fingers to dig, in a molelike fashion.

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