Patricia J. Telesco's An Enchanted Life: An Adept's Guide to Masterful Magick PDF

By Patricia J. Telesco

ISBN-10: 0585428387

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ISBN-13: 9781564145666

Takes you past the ''101'' magical books. This ebook is designed as a helpmate, guiding the reader to maneuver at his or her personal speed, utilizing own imaginative and prescient as a advisor and guru. it really is written in particular for the non secular seeker who's aiming towards enlightenment within the right here and now via in charge, life-affirming, inventive magick.

Beginning with a second of introspection, that can assist you examine the place your course has taken you so far, and if you are actually able to take the subsequent steps towards adept dwelling, the booklet then offers brilliant principles and actions to problem the spirit together with:

* Defining precise expertise. * studying to take advantage of the senses to enhance magickal approaches and increase perception. * making a choice on the magickal arts most suitable in your targets and progress. * discovering, connecting with, and honoring one's ''Tribe'' for either aid and fellowship.

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Some spiritual methods allow you to make foods or beverages part of the working (for example, including a libation). Others methods require a little more creativity, such as the 51 An Enchanted Life idea of using hard candy chosen for its color or flavor symbolism in a communication spell. These can be kept in your mouth for quite a long time without interrupting things too much, unless, of course, you have to sing! Touch I am a very tactile person. The feel of an item can generate whole worlds of meaning for me, but even those people who are not so “touchy feely” can relate to the difference they feel between wearing something warm and fuzzy versus a business suit.

Similarly, hands above your eyes is a Fire/ sight position, and an open mouth could be a Water/taste position. If you can put yourself into direct contact with the appropriate Element at the same time, all the better. It amazes me how many times people forget about the most important tool they have with them all the time: themselves! Practice 17 (page 17 ) for enchanted living is that our lives are the act of worship; we are the magick, and everything else is simply icing on the cake. The Sacred really doesn’t care about our tools or clothing; those items are intended to get us past ourselves so we can focus on the mystical.

If the astral sounds you pick up on are consonant and blend well with your own, you can be fairly confident that you’ve found a potential home. Conversely, if the astral music you hear seems dissonant, haphazard, or just “off ” somehow, your spiritual ears may be telling you something important. Perhaps the group is going through a restructuring period that’s causing confusion. Perhaps the group has some internal strife. Maybe the members are just having an “off ” magickal night (hey, it happens to the best of us).

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