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By Julius Firmicus Maternus

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The translator, Jean Rhys Bram, writes, "Magic, philosophy, technology and theology mix in unusual methods within the taking into consideration the final centuries of the Roman empire..... Firmicus appeared important of observe for plenty of purposes. he's nearly on my own as writer of works produced either earlier than and after an obvious conversion to Christianity.... He left a long guide detailing the astrological practices of his day, the one paintings which has come right down to us in its entirety [90% whole: Holden] out of various astrological treatises written within the Hellenistic and Roman periods..... This guide used to be vital since it was once the channel for astrological lore to the center a long time and Renaissance." (from the Preface) one of many most interesting of all historical astrological texts, this is often additionally one of many best-translated.

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Men would fight over a son in mistaken conflict. Others would not know the identity of their former slaves. A man of good family might be mistakenly dragged away as a slave. All this might happen if men did not have different appearances. The, stars bring about these differences by their combinations and mixtures of influence. 11. Some blondness has a slight tinge ofdark color. The gleam ofa little lightness brightens the dark face. A number of colors creep into the hair. The eyes are always colored with different lights.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus. But its terms are divided in this way: from the first to the eighth degree Venus has the power over the terms; from the ninth to the fourteenth degree, Mercury; from the fifteenth to the twenty-second, Jupiter; from the twenty-third to the twenty-seventh, Saturn; from the twenty-eighth to the thirtieth, Mars. These planets possess terms in Taurus. 4. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, but its terms are divided thus: from the first to the sixth degree Mercury holds these terms; from the seventh to the twelfth,J upiter; from the thirteenth to the eighteenth, Venus; from the nineteenth to the twenty-fourth, Mars; from the twenty-fifth to the thirtieth, Saturn.

6. If the Sun is favorable he decrees 120 years; if unfavorable 18 years; if moderate 45 years. 7. Venus, if she decrees favorably, 84 years; if unfavorably 8 years, 8 days, 12 hours. 8. Mercury, if he decrees favorably, 108 years; if moderately 79 years; if unfavorably 20 years, or 29 months, 20 days, 20 hours. 9. If the Moon decrees favorably, 84 years; if unfavorably 25 years. 10.

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