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The dilfercnce was not due so much to Christianity, which was unfelt except by a small minority of people, and remained inoperative as an influence. The philosophical climate still continued to be dominated by Stoicism. however, was absolutely different. 2. THE ROMAN WORLD IN The political world, THE SECOND CENTURY more world in which Ptolemy lived. C. The Greek chaos and the wars between Alexander's successors had been finally ended by Roman power. That new world was very imperfect in many ways Let us consider a but, for the first little time in many 38 end and was a modicum second century was empire; it was de- centuries, there peace.

138, 186, 310, 510, 526). 81 Joseph Fischer, S. J. (1858-1944). See Isis (37, 183). 53 ANCIENT SCIENCE AND MODERN CIVILIZATION eleven centuries later than the lost prototypes) go back, even as the text, to Ptolemy or even to Marines (it is hardly possible to distinguish between these two). The production of a map was world 22 he Ptolemy's definite aim; may have failed to produce it himself, and later maps, by Agathodaimon of Alexandria or others, may have been graphical representations of the tables.

49 ANCIENT SCIENCE AND MODERN CIVILIZATION not give general proofs of them. The projection of all circles are circles (with the apparent exception of circles passing through the pole which are projected as straight lines). The stereographic projection is the only one which is both conformal and perspective, 17 Ptolemy could not have known that unicity, but he had made a good study of projections and was lucky. 6. THE GEOGRAPHY geographical treatise or guide (geographice almost as important as the Almagest.

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