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The abdomen is a cavity for the stomach, liver, kidneys, and more. We have another cavity for the lungs and heart. Finally, the cells of complex animals specialize. All complex animals have many different types of cells, from the neurons in the brain to the white blood cells that fight disease. Neurons have branches called dendrites. They work like antennae. Big Brain The scientific word for developing a nervous system is cephalization. Understanding the root of the word makes it simple. ” Hydrocephalus is a condition in which too much fluid (hydro - means “water”) collects on the brain.

Notice at this point that the chromosomes do not duplicate again. 28 prophase 11 In the Lab metaphase 11 anaphase 11 telophase 11 Me and Mi Mitosis and meiosis are spelled similarly and have some similar phases. How can you keep them straight? ” cytokinesis 11 Meiosis II comes next: 6. Prophase II The nuclear membranes in both cells disappear again. The centrioles move to opposite ends of each of the cells. 7. Metaphase II Long fibers extend from the centrioles and attach themselves to the chromosomes.

Dalmatians are beautiful dogs. Yet purebred Dalmatians have a greater risk of being deaf than mixed breeds. The genes in these dogs developed errors over time. This flawed gene passes from parent to puppy again and again. More Dalmatians carry the deafness gene, so there is a better chance that a Dalmatian puppy will be deaf. Many other purebred animals suffer from medical problems that are in their genes. In the Lab Mix and Match If you have a mixed-breed dog, you can find out its breed or breeds.

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